Chinese students at USC largest int’l group

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-11-13 21:50:05

Chinese students have been found to be the largest group of the enrolled international population at the University of Southern California (USC), according to an annual report released on Monday.

There is now a record high of 2,515 Chinese students studying at USC, which had 9,269 enrolled international students during the 2011- 2012 academic year.

USC leads the US in the number of international students for the 11th year, the Institute of International Education, a non-profit educational organization based in New York, stated in its annual report.

They are followed by students from India, who make up 1,265 at USC, according to the report.

USC officials attributed the increased numbers of Chinese and Indian students to its strong reputation along the Pacific Rim and its commitment to recruiting, which is boosted by its expanding alumni base in several Chinese and Indian cities.

"USC is so proud of its exceptional international students, as well as its ability to continually draw such talented students from all over the world," President C.L. Max Nikias said in a prepared statement.

"These students arrive on our campuses with a broad range of experiences and perspectives, as well as tremendous intellect and creativity," he added.

USC's international students come from 115 countries, according to the school. About 71 percent of its international student population in fall 2011 was enrolled in graduate-level programs, with the greatest number attending the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

"They benefit enormously from their time at USC, while our domestic students learn about cultures outside their own. The bonds our students form - and the professional connections they establish - remain with them for life," Nikias added.

USC ranked the sixth for the total number of students - 2,340 - who participated in overseas study programs during the 2010-2011 school year, according to the report.


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