Sudanese president condemns Israeli strikes on Gaza
Xinhua | 2012-11-15 21:55:46
By Agencies
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Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Thursday condemned the Israeli strikes against Gaza, urging Arab and Islamic nations to unite in the face of challenges.

"Our brothers in Gaza are exposed to a heinous Zionist aggression," said al-Bashir addressing the General Conference of the Islamic Movement held in Sudan, which marked his first speech after having a surgery in Saudi Arabia.

"All Islamic nations are standing behind our brothers in Gaza. No doubt the victory is coming soon. We are looking forward to the promises resulting from the great changes in our Arab and Islamic world," he added.

He went on to say "we must collectively face the challenges. We must enhance our political and economic cooperation to face the standing challenges."

Al-Bashir returned to Khartoum on Wednesday after undergoing a successful surgery to treat his vocal cord inflammation.

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