Young woman shows off money dress on Weibo

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-11-20 20:50:05

A Beijing woman posted a photo of the banknote-patterned dress she received as a birthday present from her "daddy" on Sina Weibo Thursday, Zhengzhou Evening News reported.

The woman  received the money-inspired frock from a special friend for her 21st birthday.

"I'm told that the dress is worth 200,000 yuan ($32,080) and my daddy used lots of connections to get it ... It overshadows the other brands such as Chanel and LV in my closet," wrote the birthday girl.

The posting became the target of criticism among netizens, who readily recalled the scandal of Guo Meimei, a popular singer who was widely criticized after showing off her wealthy sugar daddy's gifts on Weibo last year.

Zhengzhou Evening News

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