Good Sino-US relationship important to world peace: Kissinger

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-11-30 9:42:14

Former US State of Secretary Henry Kissinger said on Thursday a sound US-Sino relationship is important to world peace and development of the world.

Kissinger said in his talks with Wan Gang, minister of science and technology of China who was attending the Hamburg summit, the United States and China should strengthen their strategic communication, manage their differences and further deepen and broaden their mutually beneficial relationship.

Wan, attending the summit as the representative of the Chinese government, said that by joint efforts, Sino-US relationship has kept moving forward despite ups and downs in the past 40 years.

He said China wished the new US government would continue a friendly policy towards China, further strengthen dialogue and communication, improve mutual trust and cooperation, as well as respect core interest of each other.

He also hoped that the two sides can break a new ground in the big nation relationship by making efforts to promote the cooperative partnership based on peaceful co-existence and win-win cooperation.

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