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By Ewa Manthey Source:Global Times Published: 2012-12-2 18:05:04

Quitting a secure job to make a living by telling people how to make important life decisions based on astrology, tarot reading or hand analysis might seem like going out on a limb. But that's exactly what Thelma Patmorre, Stephanie Gailing and Calor Chen have done in pursuit of their own career dreams and self-fulfillment.

Stephanie Gailing
Stephanie Gailing

Deeper meaning

"Ever since I was a child, I have always been seeking a deeper meaning in life," Stephanie Gailing told the Global Times. "When I was in my teens I was introduced to astrology, and found it interesting. Yet, it took until I was in my late 20s - and an experience when I fortuitously had a reading by a wonderful astrologer in New York City - that I really got it."

Gailing is a certified nutritionist and natural health consultant who has been studying astrology for more than 18 years.

Originally from the US, she splits her time between Seattle and Shanghai, where her boyfriend lives. At the moment she offers sessions either on the phone or via video-conferencing or in person if the client is in the same city. Each session lasts between one and two hours.

Thelma Patmorre
Thelma Patmorre

People person

Thelma Patmorre always knew that she wanted to help people. Originally from the UK, she moved to Shanghai from Hong Kong nine years ago in her job as an architect.

Two years ago she started looking for coaching courses and enrolled in a "Law of Attraction" coaching course in the US. "Even when I was an architect, people always asked me for advice about their lives," said Patmorre. "I always knew that I was a people person."

Patmorre believes her own experience with hand analysis revealed the life path she should be pursuing and encouraged her to change her career. "A few years ago I had a hand analysis and was told I should be mentoring and coaching people," she said. "I didn't really think too much about it until my architect projects stopped working out."

She has been studying hand analysis for nearly seven years now and believes there is still much to learn. Her training has followed the hand analysis system devised by Richard Unger, the founder of The International Institute of Hand Analysis.

She travels to the US at least twice a year for training and conferences to meet other hand analysts from around the world.

It was not until 18 months ago that she finally decided to quit her job and do hand analysis and life coaching professionally.

"The truth about your life purpose is in your fingertips," said Pattmore. "Hand analysis is a tool to understand who you really are. We are all seeking what we are supposed to be doing and hand analysis can show you who you are, and why you are here."

This analysis involves the "decoding" of information contained in the fingertips and skin ridge patterns and lines on your palms. The shape of a person's hand is also said to determine their personality type.

Patmorre has her own office where she offers individual private sessions, which last approximately 90 minutes, as well as group workshops. The workshops usually take place twice a month and cost 200 yuan ($32) per person with up to 12 people in one session. Individual analysis costs 1,800 yuan for a 90-minute consultation.

"There is a lot of homework, coursework, coaching of clients for free and a lot of expenses," said Patmorre.

As far as she is aware, Patmorre is the only expat hand analyst in Shanghai and her clients are mainly expats, who hear about her through word of mouth.

Calor Chen Photos: Courtesy of the consultants
Calor Chen Photos: Courtesy of the consultants

Inner wisdom

Calor Chen has been learning tarot card reading for 17 years. But it was only last Christmas that he finally opened a tarot salon in Shanghai together with some friends.

Chen said that he learnt everything by reading books about astrology and fortune telling. "Tarot is about inner wisdom," he said.

Chen, who is originally from the north of China, has been living in Shanghai for six years and tarot reading is now his full-time job. "I'm working seven days a week from 9 am to 9 pm," he said. There are eight other readers working with him in the salon.

He said that tarot reading is especially popular among Chinese people and that only a few foreigners come to him for a reading. "People usually ask me for advice about their love lives and relationships," he added. "The second most popular topic is work and careers. Usually before they start asking me questions, I like to talk for a while with them to find out a little bit more about their personalities, work and relationships."

One reading normally lasts 45 minutes which costs 500 yuan.

Every Friday he organizes a two-hour tarot reading session for up to 12 people, which cost 30 yuan per person.

Chen also trains other people who want to become tarot readers.

"I like to think that I help people," Chen said. "When they come here they have so many questions about their lives but they leave with most of them answered. It is nice to feel that you helped them just a little bit."

For more information, please contact:

Calor Chen: 1/F, front door, Calors Tarot Studio, No.34, 361 YuYuan Road 1391-7029-868

Thelma Patmorre: No.3, 47 Shaoxing Road 1376-4300-121, mohini1008@hotmail.com

Stephanie Gailing: stephanie.gailing@gmail.com or visit www.PlanetaryApothecary.com


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