Myanmar's state-owned newspapers start publication in color
Xinhua | 2012-12-5 14:38:42
By Agencies
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Myanmar's three state-owned newspapers out of five started publication in color Wednesday after pilot publication in October.

Without changing the prices, the colorful Myanmar Alin, the Mirror and the English-language New Light of Myanmar will be distributed daily in Yangon.

These three newspapers have been published in color in Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay daily since October.

Two other state newspapers -- Myawaddy and Yadanapon -- had been added color earlier.

Beginning in June 2011, the authorities have been undertaking media reform by phase. In August, domestic media publication control was totally liberalized, canceling prior official scrutiny as previously done.

In November, Myanmar government replaced former Spokespersons and Information Team with six-member news media publication team for timely news distribution and helping private journals and foreign media keep abreast with important news.

According to official figures, there are about 200 private-run journals and over 200 magazines in addition to nearly 7,000 private publishers in Myanmar.

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