Kosovo official injured in gun shot in disputed north

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-12-9 9:56:35

Dusan Milisavljevic, deputy head of the administrative office in the northern Kosovo town of Mitrovica got injured in an attack late on Friday, local police said Saturday. Milisavljevic is recovering in the hospital, authorities said.

"Masked people fired on him in northern Mitrovica while the victim D.M. in the company of his three other colleagues were leaving a bar," regional spokesman of Kosovo Police, Besim Hoti told local media. According to Hoti the attack was conducted from a running vehicle with no license plate.

The head of the office, Adrijana Hoxhic strongly condemned the attack and called on authorities to investigate the case and bring perpetrators to justice. Police has been questioning three potential witnesses.

The office which operates in the northern Serb-dominated Mitrovica under the authority of Kosovo government was established early this year, eventhough Serbs oppose Pristina authorities.

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