Chinese hitched plane ride to US in electrical closet

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-12-10 19:15:05

According to a report released by the aviation industry on Friday, a man from the Chinese mainland tried to sneak into the US by hiding on a China Airlines flight from Taiwan.

On October 22, immigration workers in San Francisco arrested a man from China who had tried to use a fake passport at the airport.

The police found that the man had traveled on a Boeing 747 aircraft operated by China Airlines. The plane had been used to fly from Shanghai to Taipei on October 21, and then it set off for San Francisco.

The man boarded the plane in Shanghai with a ticket and travel visa to Taiwan. However, when the plane reached Taipei, he didn't disembark but rather hid behind a panel in the plane's electrical room. The airline carrier has gone on record saying that its staff did not aid the stowaway in the scheme.

Shanghai Evening Post

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