After years of misuse, lenses can’t be removed

By Jiang Yabin Source:Global Times Published: 2012-12-26 23:24:06

Years of misuse have left a local man's contact lenses stuck to his eyes, local media reported Wednesday.

A doctor discovered the man's predicament during a routine community health examination, according to a report in the Shanghai Evening Post.

Since the man, surnamed Wang, began wearing contact lenses 10 years ago, he has never taken them out of his own volition, though they have occasionally broken or fallen out on their own, said Zhu Jianfeng, a doctor from the Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Center.

Zhu said that he has never met someone who wore the same contact lenses over such long periods. "The man seems to have been wearing the same pair of contact lenses for at least one year," Zhu told the Global Times.

Wang said that he thought it was a waste of time to put them in every morning and take them out each night, according to the newspaper report.

He no longer has that option. Under his current circumstances, Wang could tear his corneas if he tries to remove the lenses by himself, the report said.

On the other hand, if the contacts aren't removed, his eyesight will continue to deteriorate, Zhu said.

Typically, people aren't supposed to wear contacts for more than 10 hours each day, Zhu said. He suggested that people always remove their contact lenses before they go to sleep, otherwise bacteria may build up around the eyes, which can lead to inflammation.

Wang has refused surgery to have the lenses removed, Zhu said. He insists that the contact lenses will eventually fall out on their own like they have in the past.


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