Myanmar steps up illegal trade control
Xinhua | 2012-12-30 13:38:03
By Agencies
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Myanmar authorities are stepping up control of illegal trade at region and state levels and surprise checks are being done on such trade which is warned as an obstacle to economic development of the country, official media reported Sunday.

Chairman of the Central Committee for Control of Illegal Trade U Win Myint, who is also minister of Commerce, was quoted by the New Light of Myanmar as warning that illegal trade on inferior goods are harmful to consumers.

According to the ministry, the authorities will start cracking down on illegal food in January, especially those entering through border gates.

Surprise checks will be done on trading routes of Muse-Mandalay and Myawaddy-Yangon during the month, it said.

Muse represents one of Myanmar's border trade points with China, while Myawaddy with Thailand.

In the fiscal year 2011-12, Myanmar's foreign trade stood $18.15 billion, of which the export took $9.09 billion, while the import $9.053 billion, according to official statistics.

In the first six months (April-August) of 2012-13, the country 's foreign trade hit $9 billion, the export of which amounted to $4.64 billion while the import represented $4.32 billion.

Meanwhile, official report said on Sunday that the authorities recently seized two illegally-traded jade stones weighing 800 viss (1.32 tons) when intercepting a car at a toll gate in Hsipaw, Shan state as part of its control of illegal trade.

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