Lions pelted with snowballs at Hangzhou Zoo | 2013-1-7 16:20:00
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A series of pictures showing visitors at the Hangzhou zoo throwing snowballs at a pair of African lions on January 5 gathered disapproval from netizens and sparked discussion about the lack of awareness of animal rights.

The two lions huddled close together in fear during the fiasco, ending with the male lion letting out a roar and staring down the tourists as they left, according to a report by the Hangzhou-based City Express.

@Miu_我需要钱: Why didn’t the photographer or zoo keepers stop these tourists? The zoo should provide a room for these animals rather than make them stay in the cold.

@Purple_breeze: Zoo animals have already lost their freedom. We should give them more care rather than hit them with snowballs.

@擂得名: We’ve never respected animals. But throwing snowballs at lions is nothing compared to how we consume all kinds of wildlife.

@今天志峰: The tourists have no respect for these creatures. They feel intrinsically superior for being at the top of food chain.

@Koda_Ryan: Zoos need to be regulated. I hope the related management departments do all they can to protect animal rights.

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