Kindergarten holds mass mock-wedding to 'instill healthy values' Published: 2013-1-14 16:38:00

A kindergarten in Henan Province held a mock wedding for 100 children on January 11 in an effort to help them better understand marriage, Zhengzhou Evening News reported.

"The ceremony is a good opportunity to instill the children with healthy views of marriage," the head of the kindergarten surnamed Li told the paper.
Presided over by teachers and parents, the ceremony saw children between three and six dressed in tuxedos and gowns and reciting wedding vows to each other.

Teachers then reportedly asked the question, "Why do you choose to marry," to which all the children responded at once - "because I love him (or her), after which the bridegrooms kneeled down and put wedding rings on their brides' fingers, hugged and kissed.

This was not the first time for the kindergarten to hold such a ceremony, according to the paper, but it was the largest.

The teachers also told the Zhengzhou Evening News that children who had participated in the ceremony were more responsible, had better relationships with other children and exhibited more confidence.

We could take our children to weddings and show them this is what they'd do when they grow up. After they will understand what wedding ceremonies mean and what marriage means. Such a ceremony just helps their innocence gradually disappear.

@有风吹过的时候就不再微醺: The ceremony is pure and the children are pure. I believe these teachers did this with good intentions.

@长春晴空: Role playing is common at kindergartens. It's not necessary to make such a big deal.

@长春-桦桐: It's better than being exposed to all the violence and pornography on the internet.

@HaohanHuang: It's too early for kids under six to understand the meaning of affection and responsibility. Children enjoy playing and pretending, which is imitating family life. It's not necessary to hold such a weird activity and force them to think about adult things. I question this kindergarten's decision.

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