Japan creating tension over Diaoyu: China
Agencies | 2013-1-19 0:48:01
By Agencies
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The Japanese side has continued to take negative acts on the Diaoyu Islands issue for a period of time, and organized its Self-Defense Force planes to interrupt Chinese planes' normal flights, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Friday, accusing Japan of creating tensions over the disputed islands in the East China Sea.

"Such moves, which highlight military implications and create tensions, go against the trend that all the nations in the region should peacefully solve conflicts through talks," Hong said.

"We hope the Japanese side can exercise sincerity with calmness, work for shared goals with China, and thus find ways to properly solve and manage problems through consultations," Hong said.

Japan's hawkish Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, pointing a finger at China, said on Friday that disputes had to be resolved legally.

"There is no question that a rising China is a plus for Japan economically. It is also important for China to behave in a responsible manner in the international society," Abe told reporters in Jakarta at the end of his first overseas visit since becoming prime minister.


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