Algeria: militants from at least 6 countries
Xinhua | 2013-1-21 9:27:08
By Agencies
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The militants, who attacked a gas field facility and abducted hundreds of people in southeastern Algeria, are from at least six countries, Algerian Minister of Communication Mohamed Said said Sunday.

The militants originated from Arab, African and non-African countries, the minister told local Radio Channel III, without providing further details.

Local media reported that the militants are from Mauritania, Libya, Mali, Algeria, Canada, Tunisia, Egypt; and a Gulf country, probably Yemen.

Meanwhile, the official said the securing operation of the gas facility is still underway.

Algerian Special Forces stormed the gas field facility in Illizi province on Thursday and ended the operation on Saturday, rescuing 685 Algerians and 107 foreigners, according to preliminary figures of the Interior Ministry. During the operation, at least 23 workers and 32 militants were killed, the ministry said.

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