Xi urges fight against extravagance
Xinhua | 2013-1-29 9:21:41
By Agencies
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Chinese leader Xi Jinping has urged all official organs to keep a frugal lifestyle and resolutely oppose extravagance.

Xi, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), made the written comment on recent news reporting, noting that the fine Chinese tradition of "being diligent and thrifty" and the idea of "honor to frugality and shame to extravagance" should be promoted among all walks of life.

The masses have posed strong opposition to extravagance, Xi said, expressing deep sorrow when he thought of many people in poverty.

All government organs, institutions, state-owned enterprises and non-profit organizations as well as officials at various levels should set exemplary examples of putting an end to extravagance, Xi said.

He also called for more efforts in enhancing supervision over official organs.

According to media reports, the volume of leftovers in restaurants across the country is estimated to be enough to feed 200 million people annually.

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