Festival a time for families and nation

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-2-8 0:08:01

The Spring Festival is China's most important annual cultural celebration. Saturday will be Spring Festival Eve. The editorial department of the Global Times wishes our readers and all Chinese at home and abroad a happy Spring Festival.

This is the first Spring Festival since the 18th Party Congress, making this year's event one of particular significance.

The General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping outlined the "China Dream" at the end of last year, defining it as the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, which combines individual pursuits with the development of the whole nation. This has greatly inspired society.

The "China Dream" of a national rejuvenation not only includes various efforts made during China's reform and opening-up process at the national strategic level, but is also driven by support from the public.

The meanings and significance of the national rejuvenation have been constantly expanding. Around 100 years ago, it meant not being bullied by Western imperialist powers and a basic level of industrialization. The establishment of the new China has granted the concept many new meanings. Now, Xi is using the "China Dream" to encapsulate the renewal of the nation, symbolizing a new step in China's development and the understanding of modernization in society.

It has been well known that comprehensive industrialization including technological and defense modernization is an important foundation for national rejuvenation. However, full national rejuvenation requires China to realize the most advanced forms governance and evenly extending benefits to all of society.

The influence and attractiveness of the national rejuvenation are spreading, and the process will cross cultural and geographic borders. The "China Dream" of national rejuvenation is shared by the Chinese public and overseas Chinese. It can promote the realization of each individual's own pursuits.

Family relationships are the main theme of the Spring Festival. On social occasions during the holiday, hot discussions on topics related to the nation and society are often lively. People usually have complicated feelings about this, but this year, there must be more happiness than frustration.

"Nation" in Chinese is guojia, which composes guo (country) and jia (family). This is not a coincidence, but vividly illustrates the closely tied fates of the country and families. Throughout history, a nation's prosperity has played a core role in shaping the individuals' fate. The "China Dream" belongs to the whole nation as well as each individual. It's not just a slogan, but an irreversible goal of all Chinese. Nothing can block the pursuit of a better life by 1.3 billion Chinese.

Let's all give our blessings to our country. China's increasing prosperity and strength are certain to provide a better platform for individual development.


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