Mongolia leaders send out Lunar New Year greetings

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-2-9 8:35:21

Mongolia's top leaders have sent out greetings to the public to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday.

Prime Minister Altankhuyag Norov said the past year of the dragon "was good for Mongolians.

"People voted for the parliament and as result of this election, a better government has been formed and is working now," he said.

Norov vowed in his greeting to build a clear and transparent government that will work "before people's eyes."

The prime minister also urged people not to drink too much vodka and to respect their elders during the new year.

Mongolian parliament speaker Enkhbold Zandaakhuu praised the Mongolian tradition of the new year celebration, in which people "clean their homes and pay up debts and meet the new year without quarrel or argument."

Zandaakhuu also said lawmakers and the government have reached a consensus over the Oyu Tolgoi project, which had become an arena of political wrestling.

The eastern Asian landlord country is ready to welcome a week-long official Lunar New Year holiday starting on Monday.

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