Philippine president greets Chinese-Filipino community on Chinese New Year

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-2-11 9:36:59

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III greeted Sunday the Chinese-Filipino community on the occasion of the Chinese New Year.

Aquino, in his message, cited the contributions of the Chinese- Filipino community in the country's progress.

"We are on the path to lasting stability due to our efforts to maintain our newfound culture of integrity, expand our industries, and generate employment opportunities," he said.

"Our united endeavors in nation-building are fueled by industry and initiative, thriving from the foundation of our vitality and diversity as a people; let this event inspire you to further build on the gains we have made so far along the straight and righteous path," the president added.

Aquino also wished the Chinese-Filipinos the best of luck and prosperity in this Year of Snake.

"May this celebration strengthen your sense of heritage and empower you to carry on your enterprise with passion and patriotism," he said.

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