Libya to take precautions on second anniversary of revolt: PM

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-2-11 12:47:51

The new Libyan government would take all precautions to prevent violence as the second anniversary of February 2011 revolt is just around the corner, Prime Minister Ali Zaidan said Sunday evening.

This year's Feb. 17 marks the second anniversary of the revolt against former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi that led to Kaddafi's ouster and being killed in October 2011.

Speaking at a press conference, Zaidan said the government has no fears for calls to demonstrate against it.

The government would impose security in Libyan cities through implementing security plans by the internal forces and the army in cooperation with the rebel battalions to secure the entrances and exits of cities, the prime minister said.

The move came after recent calls and warnings from social network sites and Internet to demonstrate peacefully on Feb. 15.

Zaidan also warned of some subversive elements that may enter Libya in chaos and conflict.

The prime minister said the government was trying to rebuild the state,the army and the police and called on Libyans to cooperate with the government to achieve their common goals.

The Libyan government is under attack for lack of reform and facing with growing rumblings in the street.

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