Chinese firm takes over Pakistani port Published: 2013-2-19 16:00:00

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Gwadar port management part of China-Pakistan cooperation: spokesman
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on February 19 that a Chinese company's takeover of the management of the Gwadar Port in Pakistan is part of the two countries' cooperative efforts.

China takes over Gwadar Port
A Chinese company on February 18 took over the operation of the strategic Gwadar Port in Southwest Pakistan and at the door of the Strait of Hormuz, which has been seen as a move that could secure an energy route for China.

China to run Pakistani port
A Chinese company is expected to take over the operation of the strategic Gwadar Port in Southwest Pakistan and at the door of the Strait of Hormuz, after Pakistani authorities alleged its previous operator from Singapore failed to develop the port as desired.

                               Gwadar Port

Location: in Pakistan's Balochistan Province, at the apex of the Arabian Sea and the mouth of the Persian Gulf, close to the Strait of Hormuz and Pakistan's border with Iran
Operator: China Overseas Holdings Limited
Former operator: Singapore's PSA International
Significance to China: Gwadar Port is a key global oil supply route and gives western China access to the sea.
Additional construction: Under its 12th Five-Year Plan, China has vowed to accelerate the construction of railways and highways linking Gwadar Port and Kashi in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

File photo shows the Gwadar Port in Southwest Pakistan. Photo:



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GT Editorial: Gwadar move renews ‘China Threat’ cliché

China's low-key culture hasn't changed with the growth in its strength. China's global exploration is mainly aimed at seeking economic opportunities. One of the basic principles is to realize mutual benefit with its partners.
China's development needs Gwadar port and Pakistan needs China to develop. We should do our best to reduce the suspicions of other powers. But if they insist on doubting China despite its restraint, it's no fault of China's.
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Too little too late?: Gwadar port transfer to China wins cabinet nod

According to defence and strategic analysts, China wants to use the port for commercial and defence purposes, which will undermine US influence in the Arabian Sea.

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China assumes control of key Pakistani seaport

Analysts say China has been expanding its naval operations in the Indian Ocean mostly because it wants to secure its oil supplies from the Middle East. Also regional experts agree that as China's economic power increases, its navy will increase as well to protect those interests, raising concerns among China's neighbors.
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Pakistan approves transfer of Gwadar port to China

Beijing has been working to develop a string of harbours in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, a region traditionally considered an Indian backyard.


Moazzam Ahmad Khan, Pakistani Foreign Office spokesperson
I think shifting the administrative control of the port to China would improve the performance and infrastructure of the port, which can be a huge financial hub for the region.

Liu Jian, China's ambassador to Pakistan
No country should have apprehensions over Pakistan-China cooperation, and that the hypothesis of China using the port for military purposes was absolutely baseless.

Zhou Dadi, former director-general of the Energy Research Institute under the National Development and Reform Commission
The port's role in securing China's energy supply is being overstated, adding that the costs for building an oil pipeline and transporting oil via railways would be high.

"The idea of using the route from Pakistan to China as an alternative energy line can be seen as a last resort at most," he said, adding that a situation in which the Strait of Malacca is blocked would result in a worldwide conflict, which is highly unlikely.

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