Global Times launches US edition Published: 2013-2-22 11:42:32


Global Times launched its US edition on Feb. 20, 2013


Global Times launched its US edition on Feb. 20, 2013. It is the first daily newspaper from China to launch a US edition simultaneously in Chinese and English.


The US edition of Global Times has 24 pages in its English version and 16 pages in its Chinese version.


The US edition maintains the strengths of Global Times distributed in China, providing readers with sharp reporting and perceptive analysis. It seeks to cover world events from a Chinese perspective, and introduce a dynamic, complex and changing China to the world in vivid, accurate reporting.


As China now stands under the glare of the global spotlight, the newspaper aims to showcase for a global audience real voices from across a transforming China, guiding it through China’s fast-growing economy and ever-changing society.


The US edition also seeks to increase its coverage of the local community in the US to cater to the needs of American readers.


Global Times, an arm of the People’s Daily, has been a pillar of China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands for years. Its Chinese version, founded in 1993, has a daily circulation of over 2 million copies. Its English version, launched in 2009, has quickly become one of China’s most influential English-language media.

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