Miami Heat superstar Wade ‘promises’ to play in China

By Mark Dreyer Source:Global Times Published: 2013-3-3 23:08:01

The rumors have been circulating for months, but now, for the first time, they have been aired in public. Last week, ESPN analyst Jalen Rose mentioned on his podcast that two-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade has promised to play for a year in China after retiring from the NBA.

The big question is when. Wade is 31, so likely he won't be leaving the US anytime soon, but seven-time All-Star Tracy McGrady arrived in China aged 33, so Wade's year abroad could come sooner rather than later.

It's important to stress that this is nothing more than rumor at this point, but the reason the speculation won't go away is, according to Chinese basketball blog's Jon Pastuszek, that it simply makes a lot of sense.

Wade signed a massive contract with Chinese sportswear company Li Ning last year.Wade's promise to play in China, while likely not specified in writing, is thought to be linked to the Li Ning agreement.

To be sure, there is certainly a lot of risk involved. Li Ning's share price has been tanking, and the company recently announced plans to raise funds to boost its flagging fortunes. Chinese brands, by Wade's own admission, are not cool in the US, and Li Ning's focus has reverted to China after a failed attempt to enter the US market.

But for Wade, who would be the biggest name to play in the Chinese Basketball Association, the upside is clear. "If he's truly serious about being the frontman for the company, playing a season in China would certainly be a huge boost to his brand," says Pastuszek.

Whether he's up for the business challenge or attracted by the money, it's not a given, Pastuszek says, that Wade will turn Li Ning's fortunes around and sell lots of shoes.

The framework is in place for Wade to hit it out of the park, but it's equally likely that he could crash and burn. It should be interesting either way.

The author is a Beijing-based freelance writer.

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