Li Shufu: Carmakers should have an eye on air pollution both inside and outside car Published: 2013-3-11 15:25:01

During the press meeting concerning the proposals of the "two sessions", that is, China's National People's Congress (NPC) and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) on March 3, Li Shufu, member of the National Committee of CPPCC and also the Chairman of Geely Holding Group, proposed his view on car manufacturers' efforts to control air pollution. Li said that car manufacturers, instead of reacting indifferently, should actively promote the air pollution control technologies and measures against air pollution both inside and outside the car.

Li pointed out that his concerns in the "two sessions" were air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution, which in his words, were "three big mountains" under which every Chinese is barely breathing. In Li's words, the key is about what kind of approach we can take to solve the problem. For example, automobile and air pollution prevention are seemingly irreconcilable and carmakers seem to be the sole culprit held responsible. In fact, to all the car manufactures, they have contributed their share of effort to the healthy breathing condition simply by controlling "inside and outside pollution".

Controlling "air quality inside and outside" means taking strict precautions against double pollution inside the car. People suffer from the double pollution, a combination of outside pollution and in-car pollution (maybe caused by materials and painting), to an even greater extent. As the sales number of Chinese automobiles grows, air quality inside the car becomes more connected to the overall air quality as a whole. Automobile manufacturers must resolutely assume this social responsibility, and the government should vigorously launch policies and actions to control air pollution inside the car. On the other hand, car manufacturers are expected to innovate and develop new technologies that are capable of low-emission or even zero emission technologies as well as new energy technologies. Government should spare no effort promoting purchase of cars that are marked by lightweight, low emission and new energy, minimizing air pollution caused by vehicles.

Li added that it is the duty of every automaker to deal with air pollution and each of us should do well our job.

When asked by a reporter that whether self-owned brands such as Geely can be affected if China improves in the future the emission standard, Li believed that China should raise auto emission standard, and even to a higher standard and Geely will surely live up to it. But the executive standard and deadline should be carefully planned and published in advance to the public. In this way, car manufactures can strive to achieve this goal step by step. Carmakers in China should be ready to rise to the challenge.

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