Robotics fair "RoboMAC" opens in Macedonia

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-3-13 9:16:45

The 4. robotics fair "RoboMAC 2013", open in Skopje of Macedonia on Tuesday and will last to Saturday, includes 57 domestic and about 40 foreign participants.

The event is organized by the Electrical Engineering Students' European Association, in cooperation with the Skopje-based Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies.

RoboMAC aims at bringing robotics closer to Macedonian and European high school pupils and students, who will showcase their robots in five categories following a five-day training.

Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski said in the opening address that 1.1 million robots were registered in the global industry in 2012.

"The IT growth and the increasing interest of internet communication results in a rise of the market's demand in this field. In recent years, the need for IT engineers is increased, which heralds a new era of e-communication," said Minister Ivanovski.

According to him, Macedonia follows the trend of IT development, commited to the development of the IT society.

Participants from Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Montenegro will take part in categories robotic arm, pololu, sumo, humanoid and maze.

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