Pakistan-China ties to reach new high: Pakistani leader

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-3-21 8:38:10

The China-Pakistan relationship would gain further traction under the new Chinese leadership and ascend to a new high, President Asif Ali Zardari told Xinhua in a recent interview.

"(Chinese) President Xi Jinping especially focused on the need to transfer the narrative of our time-tested and all-weather friendship to the younger generation through enhanced cultural and people-to-people contacts," Zardari recalled of his meeting with Xi last year.

Zardari congratulated Xi last Thursday on his election as the new Chinese president. Two days later, he discussed bilateral relations with Xi over the phone.

"I found both President Xi and Premier Li (Keqiang) are charismatic and visionary leaders, and both have a deep understanding of history and culture," Zardari said.

"I am sure that on their watch, Pakistan-China relations will grow from strength to strength and gain further momentum," he said.

The Pakistani leader said the new Chinese leadership is experienced with exceptional perceptiveness and foresight.

"They have worked their way through every level of the Chinese political system and therefore are well placed to handle all social issues," he said.

"They understand the pulse of the people and are attached to them."

Zardari told Xinhua what impressed him most was the meausures taken by the new government to improve efficiency and delivery of justice.

These measures are already starting to pay off, he said, voicing confidence the new leadship was sure to overcome impediments to China's progress.

As for the "Chinese Dream", which Xi has promoted to achieve rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the well-being of the Chinese people, Zardari said it was a great idea that had gained popularity and recognition among the public.

"The idea encompasses greater promotion of social welfare and rapid economic growth which would reap enormous benefits for the common people," he said.

And a strong and prosperous China would be beneficial to the world, as it would create tremendous business opportunities, he said.

"As a neighbor and close friend of China, Pakistan looks to benefit fully from her economic development through enhanced connectivity and trade," the president said.

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