7 Copts, 1 Muslim killed in brawl in Egypt

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-4-7 8:45:05

Seven Copts and one Muslim were killed Saturday in clashes between two families in northeastern Egypt, state-run Ahram Online reported.

Twenty others from the two families, including 17 Copts and three Muslims, were injured in the incident in the Qanater el- Khiriah district, Qalyubiya governorate, 40 km from the capital Cairo.

A security source said some Coptic boys drew crucifix on the front wall of a Muslim religious institute, leading to a quarrel between the institute students and some Copts.

Fifteen outlaws were arrested on the scene, the source said, adding that the security forces managed to stop some Muslims who attempted to set on fire the house of a Copt accused of killing the Muslim.

A nearby Anglican Church and a nursery annexed to it were also set ablaze during the quarrel, Soryal Yonan, an archpriest of Mar Girigis Church which was closed to avoid any assaults, said earlier.

Yonan also warned against sectarian sedition, as some Muslim preachers used the neighboring mosque's speakers to demand Muslims who have guns to get out of their houses and dozens from both sides were gathering outside the church.

Cautious tranquility is seen in the area after the security forces arrived, Yonan said, urging the armed forces to interfere to control the situation completely.

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