Sogou hit list on April 11 Published: 2013-4-11 17:32:00

No.1: Hospital compensates family of bird flu victim   H7N9死者获赔   7615

The family of Wu Liangliang, the 27-year-old man who died of the H7N9 bird flu on March 10 in Shanghai, received 130,000 yuan ($20.982) in compensation on March 27 from the hospital that treated him after accusations of miscommunication with the victim, reported.

No.2: CCTV slams quality of military TV dramas  央视批抗日剧   7311

China Central Television (CCTV) openly criticized the quality of the glut of TV dramas set during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1937-45) on April 10, claiming they are too similar and disregarding basic fact, Xinhua reported on April 11. 

No.3: Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin ranks among China’s richest men   林志颖身价百亿   7023

Taiwanese singer and film star Jimmy Lin was accepted as a member of China’s Hyper Auto Club (HAC), according to Taiwanese media on April 10. HAC only accepts applicants with a net worth of over $NT ten billion ($320 million), reported on April 11.

No.4: HK actress Miriam Yeung hospitalized   杨千嬅患巧克力瘤   6956

Hong Kong film star Miriam Yeung was hospitalized after being diagnosed with endometriosis on April 9, a condition in which parts of the womb lining are found outside the womb and is associated with infertility, reported. 

No.5: Guo Meimei flaunts wealth in Weibo flame war   富二代与郭美美互掐   6894

Guo Meimei, infamous among netizens for flaunting her wealth while claiming an affiliation with the Red Cross of China, engaged in a flame war with an unknown Weibo user over who was “more well off” that ended with each posting screen grabs of bank statements, reported on April 9. 

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