Xi appoints 5 new ambassadors
Xinhua | 2013-4-12 9:00:19
By Agencies
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Chinese President Xi Jinping has appointed five new ambassadors to foreign countries, according to a statement issued by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) on Thursday.

Xi made the appointments in line with decisions made by the Standing Committee of the NPC, China's top legislature.

Zhao Hongsheng was appointed ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, replacing Wang Shixiong.

Chen Xu was appointed ambassador to the Netherlands, replacing Zhang Jun.

Wang Shixiong was appointed ambassador to Ecuador, replacing Yuan Guisen.

Dong Chunfeng was appointed ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, replacing Wang Fuguo.

Ren Gongping was appointed ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda, replacing Liu Hanming.

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