Xinjiang despises violent extremism

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-4-25 0:18:01

Terrorist clashes in Bachu county, Kashgar Prefecture, in western China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Tuesday left 21 dead, including 15 police and social workers. The attackers were extremely cruel. Some victims were even their neighbors. Extremism has astonishing power to drive people to heinous acts.

The latest clashes show that Xinjiang has a long way to go in its anti-terrorism efforts. But it's worth pointing out that this case will not pose a threat to the overall stability of Xinjiang. The public expects social harmony and prosperity.

The violence of those terrorists went against public opinions and hurt the common interests of Xinjiang residents. They are the enemies of all Xinjiang people from different ethnic groups.

Right after the clashes, the World Uyghur Congress strongly defended those terrorists. Those who feel excited about this violence are those who view China as their long-time enemy. They are mostly dissidents in exile.

These forces wish for turbulence in Xinjiang to hinder China's development. They are absolutely wrong. China is at an era when it is experiencing the greatest national revival in modern times.

Separatism is like gibberish spread by psychos, which has no appeal at all. Violent terrorist acts have no ground to take root, and each of them is isolated.

Although Xinjiang has experienced several violent clashes in recent years, social confidence in Xinjiang and the confidence of the whole country toward the region have remained stable. The situation in Xinjiang since the July 5 riots in 2009 has improved and no violent cases have impeded that process.

As the sources of violence in Xinjiang haven't been eradicated, its occasional occurrence cannot be fully prevented. Xinjiang has learned to manage the situation despite some isolated violent cases. It has been investigating and eradicating the internal and external sources of violent terrorist attacks.

We should firmly act against violent terrorists. Meanwhile, we should allow society to express their condemnation and outrage about terrorism attacks. Terrorists should not be permitted to have the misconception that they are carrying out a "holy war" or simply fighting against the regime. They must be clear that they are making enemies of all the Xinjiang people and the Chinese people.

The social conflicts in Xinjiang won't lead to terrorism. Terrorism should be made taboo among all ethnic groups. The Uyghurs, especially, should stand up against terrorism for the sake of the development of the Uyghur community.

In today's globalized world, people yearn for peace. Extremism is quickly losing ground and is resorting to deceiving the ignorant to maintain influence.

Now Xinjiang is under the firm control of secular government. We will be able to find numerous ways to crack down on spiritual conmen.

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