‘Django’ might get unchained in China’s theaters in May

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-4-26 0:48:01

Two weeks after the Hollywood film Django Unchained was pulled from theaters on the day it premiered on the Chinese mainland, rumors began to spread on the Internet that the film had passed the country's censorship requirements again and would return to Chinese screens.

Reliable sources said that the first film from director Quentin Tarantino to come to the Chinese mainland will be available for film lovers in May, popular movie information and ticket booking website mtime.com reported Thursday.

Insiders said that the film cut some nude scenes but other parts were not changed, the website sina.com.cn reported.

"The former edition to be released in cinemas is almost the same as the editions released overseas, which were edited by Quentin Tarantino. That edition had few problems generally, and after the suspension, only some nude scenes were cut from the film. I suppose it will be on screens after May Day,"  sina.com.cn reported.

A staff member from the representative office of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) in Beijing told the Global Times that so far the office has received no notice regarding the film. "It is not clear if the film has passed censorship requirements or when it will be on screens."

Just minutes before the film was shown in cinemas on April 11, it was suspended for "technical reasons."

A statement posted on mtime.com said cinemas nationwide have received a notice from the importer of the film, the China Film Group Corporation, to suspend showings.

Cinemas had to refund moviegoers' tickets for the film and closed online ticket sales for the film, as they didn't know when it would screen.

Global Times

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