Nippon Paint pours passion and pledges into aid for rural kids and Ya’an victims

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-4-27 19:23:00

Employees of Nippon Paint China sent their blessings to Ya'an in the rain. Photo: Courtesy of Nippon Paint China
Employees of Nippon Paint China sent their blessings to Ya'an in the rain. Photo: Courtesy of Nippon Paint China

 On April 22, 30 Chinese employees from Nippon Paint China participated in the charity activity titled An Egg's Journey hosted by the Shanghai United Foundation.

The activity requested participants to complete a 50-kilometer walk. Before the walk, participants gathered pledges from friends and relatives. If they could finish the whole journey, these pledges would be donated to a special cause. This walk was collecting money to allow children living in poor areas to have an egg in their daily meal.

This was the first year that Nippon Paint China participated in this activity, and although the weather was cold and rainy, all 30 participants reached the first checkpoint at 14 kilometers, and 16 completed the whole journey. The participants of the five teams donated more than 80,000 yuan ($12,968), which Nippon Paint China will match.

Of all these pledges, half of them will be used for providing eggs to needy children as well as supporting other worthy charity organizations. The other half will go toward Nippon's charity program, Color, Way of Love, which started in 2009, works to beautify remote and rural Hope Schools through colorful paint.

The two programs - Color, Way of Love and An Egg's Journey - work to bestow disadvantaged children with more mental and physical well being.

Alongside this activity, Nippon has also made donated to victims of the recent 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Ya'an in Sichuan Province.

Nippon Paint China corporate social responsibility committee and management team always do their best to support the community in an earnest manner. Together with the whole nation, Nippon Paint China wants to provide support for Ya'an, and to do this, the company donated 2 million yuan to support the rescue and recovery efforts in Ya'an.

In fact, children have always been the core part of Nippon Paint China's charity programs.

In 2012, Color, Way of Love witnessed its five-year anniversary after launching in 2009. Last year, the program expanded from painting walls of disadvantaged schools to improving art education resources in Hope Schools. This includes art teaching programs with college students and rural art teacher training programs.

In its five years, Color, Way of Love has helped more than 50,000 children.

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