Govt starts crusade against online rumor spreaders

By Xinhua – Global Times Source:Global Times Published: 2013-5-2 23:38:01

The State Internet Information Office said Thursday it is rolling out a national campaign targeting those who create and spread rumors online by shutting down certain Weibo accounts and detaining those who are responsible.

Two Web users from Guizhou Province were punished with five-day and 10-day administrative custody sentences respectively for spreading rumors on their Weibo accounts about the outbreak of H7N9 bird flu in Guiyang.

At least 11 people across the country were detained by police for spreading online rumors about the bird flu virus in the past month. Some 20 accounts have also been closed.

The Internet content supervision body pays great attention to online rumors and is concentrating on combating these behaviors, staff told the Xinhua News Agency.

Some netizens spread various rumors online and some processed pictures to slander others. Some verified accounts with a large number of followers also help lend credence to this wrong information through reposts.

These posts severely damage the authority of Internet media and destroy normal communication, said the office.

The office is collecting information, in combination with Web users' reports on rumors, to investigate certain websites, Weibo and other messaging accounts which are alleged to spread false information.

The office said it will remain tough against rumor spreading online while welcoming and encouraging reports from the public.

Xinhua - Global Times


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