Commentary: China plays greater role in Mideast

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-5-8 16:03:50

The fact that the Palestinian and Israeli leaders for the first time paid successive visits to China has drawn worldwide notice.

The leaders did not hold direct talks in Beijing but China's hosting of the two emphasized its active involvement in Mideast affairs and highlighted its role as a responsible power.

The turbulent situation in the Middle East and the Palestinian-Israel conflict in particular, over the years have been knotty problems that defy any immediate solutions.

Western powers have often attempted to settle the impasse but their efforts seem to be of no avail.

The volatile Mideast situation calls for China's extra leverage and other increased international efforts.

China has sent its special envoy to the Middle East for several times to mediate between various parties. Its follow-up efforts - the invitation of the two leaders to China - take on a deeper significance for a better Palestinian-Israeli relationship.

As a friend with the Palestinians and Israeli alike, China boasts unique advantages in mediating between the two sides.

As an emerging power and permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, China has, as always, adopted a just and balanced stance and pursues no ends for itself. Therefore, its proposals and mediation efforts carry sufficient weight and are more readily accepted.

Except for issues concerning its core interests, China for a long time has kept a low profile in Mideast diplomacy and other international issues.

With the build-up of its national power in a globalized era, however, China has begun to assume more responsibilities and wield ever-increasing clout in international affairs.

China's moves concerning the Palestinian-Israeli issue demonstrated its extending diplomatic influence and a growing sense of being a key global player, said an article released on the "Arab News" website.

The moves also show China's self-confidence as a responsible power by being actively involved in the Mideast issue.

China could adopt a low profile by hiding its capacities and biding its time, and it is also able to make due contributions to the stalled peace process in the Middle East and world peace at large.

The world needs China's real and positive efforts.
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