Arab countries support formation of proposed transitional gov't in Syria: Arabi

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-5-13 8:46:45

Arab states voiced support for forming a transitional government in Syria with full powers upon an agreement to be reached between President Bashar al-Assad's administration and the opposition, Arab League (AL) chief told reporters Sunday.

Speaking at a press conference here in Cairo, Nabil al-Arabi lauded the recent US-Russian agreement to hold an international conference in Geneva "soon" to bring the Syrian fighting parties together to establish a transitional government and put an end to the ongoing bloodshed.

"All Arab states support the proposed Geneva conference based on the US-Russian recent agreement," Arabi said.

He pointed out that discussions about who will partake in the planned conference from Syria's two sides are underway.

"Russia said it had some names for the participants of the Syrian government, while the opposition is working on announcing their representatives," the AL chief said, adding that the opposition "is likely" to be led by coalition leader Moaz al- Khatib.

Arabi also reiterated support for the UN-AL special envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi's mission, mainly after the recent agreement between Washington and Moscow on a peaceful solution in Syria.

As for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Arabi called on the UN Security Council "to force Israel to stop its violations against the Palestinian occupied territories."

There must be "an effective Arab resolution" toward what he called "international silence" to the Israeli aggressions in East Jerusalem, he said.
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