Headmaster and govt official detained for allegedly assaulting schoolgirls

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Principal offered cash for sex: girl

An elementary schoolgirl, who stayed overnight with a primary school principal, surnamed Chen, and another underage girl in Wanning, Hainan Province, has claimed that the man took out condoms and offered 10,000 yuan ($1,625) to have sex with her and the other girl, the Guangzhou-based Nandu Daily reported.

Two arrested in child molestation scandal

The local prosecutor's office in Wanning, Hainan Province, approved the arrest of two child molestation suspects on Wednesday, after parents of six elementary schoolgirls claimed that a forensic examination report issued Tuesday contradicted a previous one on Friday.

Two arrested in child molestation scandal
The local prosecutor's office in Wanning, Hainan Province, approved the arrest of two child molestation suspects on Wednesday, after parents of six elementary schoolgirls claimed that a forensic examination report issued Tuesday contradicted a previous one on Friday.

Schoolmaster, official face child molestation charges

A schoolmaster and a government official in South China's Hainan Province were suspected to have molested children after their alleged "inappropriate behavior" with female pupils in hotels, local police said Tuesday.

Headmaster allegedly assaulted six schoolgirls

Education authorities in South China's Hainan Province Monday told the Global Times that they had dismissed a primary school headmaster who allegedly molested six schoolgirls with another local government official.

Schoolmaster detained for "inappropriate behavior" with girls
A schoolmaster and a local government official have been detained for "inappropriate behavior" with female pupils in hotels in South China's Hainan Province, authorities said Monday.


Timeline of the case
May 8 noon
Six girls of Houlang Primary School in Wanning city, Hainan, aged between 11 and 14, went missing.
May 8 night
The girls called the headmaster of the school, surnamed Chen, to play with them in a karaoke bar, CNTV reported.
May 8 night
Chen checked in at a hotel in Wanning with four of the six girls. An official surnamed Feng from the local housing bureau checked in at another local hotel with the other two girls.
May 9 evening
Four girls were found in Haikou, 139 kilometers away from Wanning.
May 10 morning
The last two were found in a resort in suburban Wanning.

Case focuses:

●A forensic examination showed the suspects did not have sexual intercourse with the girls.

●Earlier reports from news portal legaldaily.com.cn said the girls were found to have suffered injuries of varying degrees to their private parts.

●All the six girls were dazed after they were found, and had bruises on their necks and hands.

●The girls admitted to drinking alcohol, leading to suspicions that they were drugged.


●Police have detained Chen and Feng for allegedly assaulting underage girls.

●Local education bureau in Wanning fired Chen on May 13 and also sent psychologists to provide counseling to the girls.


Global Times: Clumsy information release won’t help restore credibility
It seems that the fragmented and chaotic pieces of this case, which originally stem from a cluster of police announcements, became new evidence of the government's clumsy and slow reactions to public opinion. Fairly and responsibly restoring the whole image of the case is the best strategy in responding to these "picky" public opinions. But the government and other institutions which have direct contact with the public's interests are still unaware of that. Any attempt to tone down scandals and whitewash the existing problems will never help bring back credibility, but instead widen the cracks of mistrust.

Beijing Times: The truth should not be hidden

In terms of preventing crimes, education authorities are responsible for strengthening their management of teachers and promoting self-protection education among students, while harsher punishments should be dealt for obscene crimes such as the rape of minors.

More importantly, the public should not just place importance on the apprehension and punishment of suspects, but also express their concern for the victims and bear in mind that the rule of law is more effective in protecting young women than mere outrage. In addition, the media should respect the victims’ privacy and not release their personal information.

Beijing News: What's wrong with our education system?

Sexual assault of minors not only indicates the moral decline among adults, but a failure in part of the education system and its management of teachers. Prevention is more important than punishment, as legal retribution does little to erase the psychological damage done to these young victims. In order to prevent such crimes from reoccurring, schools must improve campus management and prevent teachers from exploiting their position of authority, while make strides to better educate students on how to protect themselves.

Guangzhou Daily: Taking lessons in prevention from abroad

Since monetary penalties or imprisonment do little to deter some sex offenders, perhaps chemical castration, a penalty that is carried out in South Korea and Germany, would be more effective in deterring sexual assault against minors.

We can also learn from other countries such as the US, where police publicize the personal information of sex offenders, including photos, addresses and their crimes online in order to raise awareness among residents in their area.

www.qianlong.com:  Assault against schoolchildren should be severely punished

In recent years, we've heard many reports about government officials and school teachers sleeping with underage girls. This problem is rooted not only in a lack of supervision, but an overall psychological change that has occurred in our complacent and overindulgent society.

Although the suspects did not have sex with the schoolgirls, they did damage them psychologically. We hope the police reveal the truth to the public and seriously punish these criminals.

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性侵犯 xìng qīnfàn - Sexual assault


Sexual assault refers to do aggressive sexual behavior such as harassment, molestation or rape.



Sexual assault cases involving teenage girls have occurred frequently in recent years.

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