Government pours scorn on new round of US hacking accusations

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-5-21 23:08:01

China on Tuesday rejected allegations that its military hackers had resumed attacks on US companies and government agencies, branding such media reports as "irresponsible."

It is neither professional nor responsible to make such reports, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Tuesday, adding that cyber security is a global problem also threatening China.

Although cyber attacks against China mainly originate from the US, China has never accused the US government, its companies or individuals of such activities, Hong said, noting that the US has so far failed to give any solid evidence for their accusations.

In 2012, over 14 million computers in China were hijacked and controlled by foreign Internet protocol addresses, with more than 10 million controlled from the US, read a recent report.

Hong's comments came after a New York Times report on Sunday cited computer security experts and US officials as saying that "hackers working for a cyber unit of China's People's Liberation Army" had renewed their attacks.

Mandiant, a private security firm, told the newspaper "Chinese hackers" had stopped their attacks after they were exposed in February but had resumed them over the past two months.

"They have gradually begun attacking the same victims from new servers and have reinserted many of the tools that enable them to seek out data without detection," said the company.

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