Xi, Obama meeting coming at right time

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-5-22 0:23:01

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It was officially announced by both China and the US yesterday that Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet with US President Barack Obama in California on June 7 and 8. This meeting will be somewhat "unofficial" because it will take place as Xi travels to three Latin American nations. Most interpretations of this visit have been positive; stating that it reflects that the Sino-US relationship is already quite mature and pragmatic.

Of course, others still believe it is because there are currently many topics between the two countries, and neither side can wait for the several months it would take before a State visit could be organized.

Frictions are increasing with the expansion of cooperation between China and the US. Public opinion all over the world is talking about the "mutual suspicion" between the two, which has a negative impact on people's impression toward the Sino-US relationship.

The Sino-US relationship plays an important role in terms of affecting international patterns. Mutual suspicion between the two countries is deepening after frictions on Internet security, the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea. If both sides still attach importance to mutual trust then a strong positive signal is urgently needed to reduce suspicions.

This meeting comes at the right time.

Successful visits by world leaders can play an irreplaceable role in promoting mutual trust among countries. Against the current backdrop where cooperation, frictions, and vigilance are all intertwined within the bilateral relationship, it's vital for us to establish confidence that the two countries are partners instead of rivals.

The Sino-US relationship should be measured in the context of history. Relationships among powers are no longer life-and-death. They have transformed from wars, then to cold wars, then to trade dependence. China and the US have now among each other's largest trade and economic partners.

As long as we have confidence in the irreversible progress of human civilization, we believe in a bright future for the Sino-US relationship. This line of thinking can provide us a new perspective to examine the problems existing in this relationship.

Both mutual suspicion and mutual trust are part of the interactive process between the two powers.

As two big countries with their own interests, problems certainly exist between China and the US. What really count are the strong reasons to prevent the two from sinking deeper into mutual suspicion.

Good personal relationships between state leaders have been proved to be one of the most effective ways to promote mutual trust. More communication between leaders from China and the US will have a positive multiplier effect.

China and the US can jointly create a peaceful 21st century while they also have the capability to produce a global confrontation. Leaders should ensure both sides are certain that the Sino-US relationship is moving forward to make the public in both countries, and around the world, feel reassured.

We believe that the meeting next month will be loaded with history.

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