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Diplomatic row due to disoriented Japan

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-5-30 1:28:01

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (R) and his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh attend a joint press conference in Tokyo, Japan on May 29, 2013. (Xinhua/Ma Ping)

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (R) and his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh attend a joint press conference in Tokyo, Japan on May 29, 2013. (Xinhua/Ma Ping)

With Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on his four-day visit to Japan, both sides have discussed maritime security cooperation. A few days ago, when Shinzo Abe, Singh's counterpart, visited Myanmar, it was seen as Japan's attempt to complete a "puzzle game" in order to "encircle China."

Japan's strategy for China drives its activity around China's neighbors. Japan's prudence and cautiousness prove that China will have a major influence over Japan in the 21st century.

But Japan's wishful thinking of "encircling China" is just an illusion. Besides sneaking a few bargains from its competition with China, Japan does not have the strength to prevail over China's influence in Asia.

China's rise has resulted in the change of the power pattern of the Asian-Pacific region, making Japan, which has a special geopolitical relationship with China, bear the brunt of this "painful" impact.

It will take time for Japan to face the reality that the once only great power in East Asia has to give way to China, whose GDP and marine strength will surpass that of Japan. The process will be tougher for Japan, which will be sincerely convinced some day.

The day will come sooner or later. The little tricks that Japan is playing are nothing but a struggle for self-comfort, which will not affect the development of Asia.

Japan is trying every means to hide its decline against China in order to boost its national morale, but China  does not need to compete with Japan to regain confidence and prove its strength.

The conflict between China and Japan should not be regarded as a "strategic" game. In fact, the overall strategic future of Japan and China has already been determined. Gains and losses incurred by the frictions between China and Japan make no difference to the futures of either country. There is no need for China to exert too much energy on Japan.

As a growing but young giant, Chinese society will unavoidably have to deal with various conflicts with Japan. It will be a long journey for China to become mature enough so that a real great power will emerge with confidence.

This is not a final showdown between China and Japan, neither is it an opportunity for China to mend its broken fences with Japan. All China should do is "take it easy." China should be aware that Japan tricks can never impact China strategy. China should take the initiative to decide when and how seriously we respond to it.

In fact, both China and Japan should not be the barriers that block the road of another's development. Only with mutual trust and respect can both sides co-exist in harmony. It is believed that this co-existence will not only be helpful for both countries, but also contribute to the peace and development of the international community.
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