"Beauty of Tibet" art exhibition opens in Sydney
Xinhua | 2013-5-31 15:57:38
By Agencies
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2013 "Beauty of Tibet" Painting and Photography exhibition in Australia kicked off in Sydney Friday, with a total of 240 works being displayed during the three-day show.

This year's exhibition is co-hosted by All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, China Tibet Online and Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. Hundreds of officials and representatives from both China and Australia attended the opening ceremony in the morning.

Lin Jun, chairman of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, said at the ceremony that "paintings are more attractive than languages while photos are more intuitive than words."

He added that the art exhibition would present people a true Tibet, while helping viewers to feel the harmony and beauty of Tibetan life.

Chen Yuming, China's ambassador to Australia, congratulated on the successful opening of the art exhibition, adding that "not only the Tibetan development, but also the promotion of Sino- Australia relationship will carry the Chinese dream."

Li Huaxin, Chinese consul general in Sydney, introduced at the ceremony that the 280 works are all from Chinese artists, which consist of 140 paintings and 140 photography works. He said that those artworks will fully showcase various parts of Tibetan life including its environment, culture, custom and religion.

"Beauty of Tibet" Painting and Photography exhibition in Australia is the second time that the event is held overseas, with the first held in Germany last year.

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