China, Russia test waters with massive naval drill Published: 2013-7-2 19:25:00

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China, Russia to hold joint military drills
China and Russia will hold two joint military drills in the coming two months, military officials from both countries said on July 1.

Chinese fleet departs for Sino-Russian naval drills
A Chinese fleet consisting of seven naval vessels departed from east China's harbor city of Qingdao on Monday to participate in Sino-Russian joint naval drills scheduled for July 5 to 12.

In pictures: Chinese fleet departs for Sino-Russian joint naval drills

                        Joint Sea-2013

Time: July 5 to July 12, 2013

Location: Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan

Countries: China, Russia

Military strength in total:18 vessels, one submarine, three fixed-wing planes, five carrier-based helicopters and two teams of special forces

Key equipment


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 Zhang Junshe, senior captain and researcher at the Chinese Naval Research Institute

In politics, military relations always serve as a weather vane for relations between countries. This high-level joint drill not only aims at strengthening military cooperation between the two countries, but also enhancing and developing strategic partnerships.

The drill aims not only to promote mutual understanding and trust between the branches of armed forces, but also the possibility of regularly-conducted joint drills in the future, which could serve as a significant part of exchange between the two militaries. 

Source: PLA Daily

 Mao Feng, reporter for the Asian Weekly in Tokyo

The news that China and Russia will hold two large-scale joint military drills in the coming two months is a shock for Japan. Tokyo will definitely keep a close eye on the exercises. However, it is not likely to worry Japan as many political obstacles still exist between China and Russia.

Source: Phoenix TV

 Jiang Yi, deputy director of Russian studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

China and Russia share a mutual understanding that it is important to maintain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. These military drills are not intended as a show of force or to put pressure on some country, but a show of commitment to safety in the region. 

Source: Phoenix TV

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军事演习 jūnshì yǎnxí

military exercise

China has sent seven naval vessels to Russia to participate in joint military drills.

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