Angry mob attacks police station, abducts officers after migrants and villagers brawl

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-7-8 0:23:01

Police in South China's Guangdong Province detained two suspects on Saturday who allegedly attacked a local police station and abducted two police officers following a fight in a nearby village over an accident during a crop harvest. 

The two suspects were among a group of migrant workers who smashed the police station, beat the two police officers and took them away as hostages after a settlement between migrant workers and local villagers over an accident failed, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Police in Gaozhou, Guangdong Province, received an emergency call Saturday reporting a fight in Baini village, after several migrant workers allegedly hit a local villager with a harvester. The incident sparked a confrontation between migrant workers and local villagers, when both sides could not agree who was responsible.  

During the confrontation, vehicles owned by the migrants  were smashed, and participants from both sides were injured.

After police intervention,  both parties went to the police station to settle the dispute. The injured were sent to hospital.

The negotiation lasted for about an hour. At around 5 pm Saturday afternoon, more than 40 migrant workers with some 30 vehicles surrounded the local police station. Xinhua reported that the migrant workers broke into the police station with iron bars and smashed computers and furniture. Two police officers were beaten and taken away as hostages.

The confrontation continued until Gaozhou police intercepted the migrant workers' vehicles near Shigu township in Gaozhou at around 9 pm. Police detained two lead suspects and rescued the two officers.

A majority of the migrant workers were released. Many were said to be unaware of the details of the incident but were called upon to help by people from the same hometown.

Local police were ordered to thoroughly investigate the case.

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