43-year-old chicken feet snacks smell of foul play
Xinhua | 2013-7-8 19:43:01
By Xinhua
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Police recently discovered that packets of preserved chicken feet, a popular spicy snack food in China, had made their way to store shelves after being processed by unauthorized factories some 43 years ago in Guangxi Zhuang Antonymous Region, Xinhua News Agency reported Sunday.

The chicken feet tested were found to be unsafe for consumption, poisoned with bleach and other chemicals meant to make the feet appear fresh-looking and extend their shelf life, authorities found. The unnamed factories were also discharging chemically polluted substances into the water, which was killing nearby fish, said police.

The date stamps on the packages of some raw chicken feet that had yet to be processed by the factories even showed that the feet were freezer-packed as far back as 1967, according to the police investigation.

Illegal smuggling of chicken feet prevails in the region, with most factory-processed feet full of germs and tainted blood, said police.


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