Govt forces dump trucks to equip motion sensors

By Lu Chen Source:Global Times Published: 2013-7-11 23:28:01

The city's government will require dump trucks and other large vehicles that haul dirt and construction waste to equip special motion sensors so they don't cause as many fatal traffic accidents, officials said at a meeting Thursday.

The vehicles caused 11 traffic accidents and 11 deaths in the city over the first five months of this year, said Lu Yuexing, the director of the Shanghai Municipal Afforestation and City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Administration. 

On May 9, two vehicles carrying construction waste killed one person and injured one other in separate incidents in Pudong New Area and Xuhui district, according to local media reports. Both incidents occurred while the vehicles were making right turns.

These kinds of vehicles suffer from blind spots when they are loaded, leaving their drivers unable to see parts of the road, especially during right turns, according to a press release from the administration.

The sensors are supposed to help solve the problem, Lu said.

The fatality rate per million tons of hauled waste, an important indicator of work safety, fell 4 percent year-on-year over the first five months of 2013 to 0.24, Lu said.

The gauge fell 42.6 percent from 2011 to 2012 after the administration took measures to prevent the vehicles from getting into traffic accidents. In 2012, nearly 15,000 drivers of these vehicles received trainings for making right turns.

The administration also imposed harsher penalties on drivers and transportation companies that broke regulations, such as shutting down companies that are found responsible for traffic accidents that cause more than three deaths.

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