World’s fastest drummer sets new record with more than 20 strokes per second

Source:Agencies Published: 2013-7-22 19:33:01

Canadian-born Tom Grosset has broken the world record for extreme drumming with 1,208 single strokes in a minute.

The previous record of 1,203 single strokes was set by Dream Theatre drummer Mike Mangini in 2005.

Grosset, 23, the second person in history to break the record of 1,200 single strokes in 60 seconds, did so at this year's WFD-World Fastest Drummer, Extreme Sport Drumming event in Nashville, Tennessee.

To achieve the goal, Grosset had to make sure his hands were moving over 20 times per second every second for a full minute.

All records and scores were recorded by the Drumometer, a machine which serves as a teaching tool to detect the speed of a drummer's hands and feet.

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