Turkey not to jeopardize ties with Egypt

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-7-30 8:39:10

Turkey and Egypt are likely to maintain their relations free from any major damage despite the harsh rhetoric over the recent Egyptian turmoil displayed by some Turkish leaders, analysts said.

Turkey initially reacted very strongly to the oust of Mohamed Morsi, the first democratically elected president in Egypt, as Western powers and Gulf monarchies supported the change.

"But we see that harsh language adopted by some high-ranking Turkish officials has not been transferred into policy actions, an indication that Ankara is keen to maintain its ties with Egypt under the interim government," Turkish foreign policy expert, Mesut Cevikalp, told Xinhua.

"Turkey did not withdraw its ambassador from Egypt in response to what Ankara called 'a military coup' in the country. It also did not suspend the credit loan package worth 2 billion US dollars," he added.

Meanwhile, in a sign of defusing tension with Egypt, Turkish President Abdullah Gul last week sent a congratulatory message to Egypt's interim President Adli Mansour on the occasion of the national day, a move that was interpreted as an implicit recognition of the Egyptian caretaker government by Turkey.

Hasan Koni, a law professor at Kultur University, said that Turkish president has, with his congratulation, recognized the new administration in Egypt.

Local observers said Ankara needs Egypt on its side to confront the security challenges while feeling under pressure due to the ongoing conflict in its southern neighbor Syria as well as the escalating crisis in Iraq.

Ankara also fears that it may lead to the marginalization of Turkey in the Mideast peace process, which may be revitalized now under the auspices of the US administration, if it weakened ties with Egypt.

"Turkey needs Egypt as much as Egypt needs Turkey in this part of the world," Cevikalp said.

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