No deadlock for upcoming new parliament, government: Cambodian PM

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-8-2 15:51:07

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Friday that there will be no political deadlock for the establishment of the upcoming new parliament and government.

"According to the constitution, a new government will be formed by a 50-percent plus one majority, or 63 lawmakers, in the new National Assembly," he said when he visited some farmers in southern Kandal province.

He said his Cambodian People's Party (CPP) won an absolute majority vote in the Sunday election.

The CPP won 68 parliamentary seats in the poll and the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) of recently- pardoned leader Sam Rainsy got the remaining 55 seats, according to the initial unofficial results.

"There will no deadlock for the new parliament and new government," he said."I will be the prime minister for the fifth five-year term government."

The premier said a new National Assembly will be convened by His Majesty Norodom Sihamoni, King of Cambodia, no later than 60 days after the election.

"Any political parties do not attend the opening session of the new parliament, it means that they are against the King and abandon their parliamentary seats, so their seats will be given to other parties that have seats in parliament," he said.

His remarks came after some political analysts said that the opening of the new parliament needs a quorum of at least 120 out of the 123 elected lawmakers, and they commented that a new government will probably be delayed if the opposition lawmakers boycott the opening of the new National Assembly.

Hun Sen said that the parliament needs two-thirds majority, or 83 lawmakers, only for the amendment of constitution or the passage of NGO law, or the strip of lawmaker's immunity.

Under the constitution, the National Assembly consists of at least 120 members.

He said the number of at least 120 lawmakers is the size of the National Assembly, which does not mean that at least 120 members are required to attend the opening ceremony of the new parliament.

Meanwhile, the premier called for unity and solidarity among Cambodian people after the poll.

"The election is over, I'd like to appeal to all people with all political tendencies to make friends with each other, don't discriminate against each other," he said. "Politicians have disputes with each other, but finally, they will sit together in parliament."

Opposition party leader Sam Rainsy announced Monday that the party did not recognize the results of the Sunday poll, claiming widespread fraud, and submitted a request to the National Election Committee (NEC) to demand for the establishment of an independent committee to investigate irregularities during the election.

It is unknown if the opposition party will boycott the upcoming National Assembly session.

Hun Sen said that the government and the CPP will welcome any existing NEC mechanism, which allows the participation from political parties, national and international NGOs, and UN experts in order to look into the alleged irregularities.

Hun Sen, who has been in power for 28 years, will extend his power by another five years following Sunday's victory.

Despite winning the victory in the election, the results are a blow to the ruling CPP as its seats has dropped from 90 in the election in 2008 to 68 in the Sunday poll, while the opposition CNRP's seats have seen a dramatic rise from 29 seats to 55 seats.

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