Baidu Daily Hit List on August 7 Published: 2013-8-7 18:33:00

No.1: Education backgrounds of China's female celebs revealed 董卿杨澜宋祖英学历  255169

A feature revealing the education background of prominent women celebrities has made the rounds on social media and earned 'likes' from female netizens nationwide.

The piece includes the backgrounds of celebs such as CCTV hostess Dong Qing, talk show hostess Yang Lan and PLA singer Song Zuying.

No.2: 'Flowers in Fog' TV series debuts on Hunan TV 花非花雾非雾 221554

A Chinese TV series shot in France based on book by a famous Taiwanese author began airing on Hunan TV on August 6.

Flowers in Fog, which stars actresses Li Sheng, Lin Xinru and actor Zhang Rui, was adapted from the book by well-known Taiwanese female writer Chiung Yao. The series blends love stories with elements of suspense and horror, reports

No.3: 'HSK-8'Chinese exam stumps native speakers online 汉语考试8级 145082

A number of fake yet extremely difficult exam questions imitating those from Chinese proficiency test for foreigners (or HSK) are making the rounds online to the delight of native speakers.

The questions, composed of true-false, multiple-choice, reading and composition, have triggered heated discussions among Chinese Net users that have been subjected to years of required English exams.

Updated by 4 pm, August 7, 2013

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