Chinese national found alive in Afghanistan escapes by himself: Chinese embassy

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-8-11 14:52:15

The Chinese national found alive during Thursday's attack in central Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, managed to escape on his own and received help from American troops, the Chinese Embassy in Kabul confirmed with Xinhua here Sunday.

Three Chinese nationals were killed and another two went missing in the attack on Thursday. Later, one of the missing Chinese was found alive and transferred to a safe place by the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan.

According to the embassy, the Chinese citizen was forced onto a car driven by Afghan nationals heading out of Kabul in the early morning on Friday. The Chinese man then managed to untie himself and jumped out of the car on the way, asking help from a nearby American military base on his run.

The American troops offered assistance to this man and then transferred him to the Chinese Embassy in Kabul.

The searching on the final missing Chinese male is still underway. The five Chinese victims of Thursday's attack are all self-employed business people. It remains unclear if this attack was purposefully targeting Chinese nationals.

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