Uni campus clones world landmarks to add ‘culture’

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2013-8-11 17:32:00

Pictured is a classroom building at Wuhan International Trade University modeled after the US Capitol Building in Washington DC. Photo: chinanews.com

A university in Hubei Province claiming their collection of copycat Western monuments brings international culture to campus has stirred online discussions, reports xinhuanet.com.

Replicas on the Wuhan International Trade University (WITU) campus include an Arc de Triomphe from France and an Egyptian Sphinx, complete with pyramid-shaped library.

WITU is just one of the increasing number of campuses and cities throughout China cloning the world’s architectural masterpieces to add a perceived touch of sophistication.

Tu Hongbin, former president of WITU, said that he intended under his management the school would become “one that bears international culture”.

However, some netizens commented he would have better served the university if the money had gone to improving the quality of teaching.



A replica of Egypt’s Sphinx stands in front of the campus library intended to resemble an Egyptian pyramid at Wuhan International Trade University. Photo: chinanews.com


A copycat Sphinx sits near the university entrance. Photo: CFP


Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, stands next to a replica of France’s Arc de Triomphe at the entrance of the university. Photo: CFP


A high-speed train passes behind a row of faux-Corinthian columns that line a viaduct and are topped with Greek gods near the university gates. Photo: chinanews.com


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