Food safety violators can be blacklisted

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-8-29 18:43:01

Ten types of food including baby formula and raw meat will be tracked during every step of production and sales, and businesses who commit serious violations will be permanently blacklisted from China's market, the Beijing News reports.

According to Zhang Zhikuan, director of Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration, the 10 types of food are dairy products, meat products, condiments, flour products, sugar and alcohol, sauces, edible oils, puffed food, fruit juice and chilled and frozen foods.

Currently, about 85 percent of Beijing's food is imported from other cities and countries. Zhang said that an information platform for food security and credibility will be established. All information pertaining to the production and sales chains, as well as the credibility of the food producers and sellers of theses 10 types of food, will be made public.

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